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Looking forward to the Social Media Smartphone GPS Summit, coming up in October

by Corinne Battle on September 15, 2012

in Company News, Events, Marketing, Mobile, Small Business, Social Media

Mobile app example - ClearPoint Web SolutionsDo you have an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android phone? Have you started using your phone or mobile device for everything from reading email, to getting directions, to paying for coffee?

Well so have I, and I’m seeing that the mobile revolution is here! Businesses are moving to mobile platforms and offering more access to coupons, special offers, payment options, and more – right from the convenience of your phone.

I’ve been taking a WordPress Experts Certification Course these past few months (one of the things that made the summer crazy and hectic for me, in addition to website projects) and through that, have learned about the upcoming Social Media Smartphone GPS Summit, coming up on October 5-7 in Orlando, FL. I’m very excited to take a break from my daily routine and learn more about helping businesses to be effective in this new mobile culture.

Make a payment to ClearPoint Web Solutions, using Intuit Payment Network (USA only)

When scanned with your smartphone, QR Codes will direct you to a particular website page such as a coupon, menu, store hours, etc.

For example, does your website have a mobile version? Does it work well on a mobile device? My nieghborhood hardware store sent out a promotion in the mail which had a QR code on it for a special offer. Curious, I got out my iPhone and scanned the QR code, only to arrive at a website that was unreadable on my phone’s small screen! (Do you think I followed up on this offer? No, I did not.) Business owners, make sure this is not happening with your business. If you’re going to direct people to your website from a QR code or other promotion, make sure it is readable on a mobile device!

I am looking forward to the October training but it will be strange to be so close to Disneyworld without my kids. They still have never been!

(If you need help getting your website in shape for the mobile revolution, let me know.)


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