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WordPress Website Designs with U-Design Theme

Professional Website Theme

The U-Design Theme is a premium WordPress theme that is top-notch. I love this theme because, as a web designer and usability enthusiast, I appreciate the fact that it is well designed and allows me to build websites that look completely different and custom-made for your company. It is also easy for business owners to manage, once the website is launched and turned over to you (and you’ve gone through my 1-hour post-launch website training).

Beautiful Designs Can Be Built

Here are some of the amazing websites built with this beautiful WordPress theme. This is only a sampling; there are many more in the U-Design Showcase.
Website Designs built with UDesign WordPress Theme

Saves You Money

Since this WordPress theme is a “premium” WordPress theme it is not free, but the cost is extremely reasonable (around $50 USD) considering all that you get to start with. Buying such a theme can save you money on a custom website design because more of the time can be spent on building content and graphics, usability, and presenting the right message to your audience, and less time on the low-level coding of the site.

A Note For the DIY’ers

If you like to do things yourself, you can buy the theme and attempt building the website yourself. Please note, however, there are some tricky aspects to the theme and to building websites in general that take time, and many hours, to get things just right. If your time is better spent on managing your business then I recommend hiring a website designer to do the work. (Did I mention I’m available. 🙂 ) I have had several people contact me after they bought the theme, looking for help because they were lost. They thought it would be easy but it was not, and they learned that there is a lot more to building a website then just the theme!

I’m Available!

Because of my extensive experience with this theme, I have learned the ins and outs of working with it and can adjust the html or CSS code (techy talk here) where it’s needed to get you the professional website you need to present your business online. I work on an hourly rate or a project rate. If you just purchased the theme and want a “jump-start” to get going, I recommend hiring me for about 4 hours of time, for some coaching and some modifications, to get you on the right track. (This can save you hours of time!)

Get Help With Your U-Design Site!

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Additional options:

Purchase the U-Design Theme Get a Full Website Quote

My U-Design Clients

My U-Design clients include companies from around the globe! Some of these clients required a full website build and many just wanted some help with parts of their U-Design site, such as:

  • creation and configuration of home page sliders
  • consultations (usually 1-2 hours) on how to use the U-Design theme, via phone or Skype
  • color scheme design and setup
  • custom CSS styling of various parts of the site
  • changing the appearance of the menu bar (fonts, colors, hover colors, backgrounds, etc.)
  • other bells and whistles I’m not thinking of at the moment! 🙂

Website clients using the U-Design theme

Clear Watch Security (UK) Out of The Box Websites (Australia) Mindful Mama (Canada) Kaizen Digital Media (Singapore) PSG Photo Solutions (USA)

Need help?

I would be happy to work with you as well! Please contact me and let me know how I can help you with your U-Design website.

What They Say

Corinne is a great person to work with, when I initially asked her for a time scale for our website, she said it would take approx a week, yet she started work on it the following day. Her eagerness to help is fantastic, and she always produces great results. Rates were generous – I got more than I paid for.
~ Managing Director, Clear Watch Security, Oldham, UK

“I had a small business web site in need of a redesign and a friend of mine recommended Corinne. She was very professional and responsive to my requirements and design ideas. She was also very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend ClearPoint Web Solutions to anyone looking to create a business website.

ClearPoint Web Solutions is great to work with. They are extremely detail-oriented, affordable and go beyond the requirements. ClearPoint gives you a website that is functional, well-designed and eye-pleasing based on your needs. I'd definitely work with them again in future projects. Thank you, Corinne!